Digital Nomad Visa

Romanian Digital Nomad Visa


Starting December 2021, Romania offers a digital nomad visa. 

Romania’s digital nomad visa is similar to the visas other countries offer for this community. This program is dedicated specifically to digital nomads. And, by digital nomad, the Romanian authorities understand a foreigner who is employed with an employment contract by a company registered outside Romania or who owns a company registered outside Romania and may work as an employee or within the company, remotely. 

In other words, people who apply need to have a self-owned company or work for a company registered outside of Romania. 

The visa is offered for 12 months. 

And the minimum income required is three times the Romanian gross average monthly salary, which at the moment is around 1,100 euros. Therefore, the needed income is 3,300 euros per month. You can also check the cost of living in the most popular cities in Romania.

Like for many other digital nomad visa applications, you need proof of earning this amount in the previous 6 months before applying.  

The documents you need to apply for the Romanian digital nomad visa:

→ the employment contract or proof of remote administration of a company registered for at least three years (in original, together with an authenticated translation in Romanian) 

→ a document released by the employer or by the company they own which contains: company’s identification and contact information, field of work, nomad’s involvement in the company and information about the legal representatives of the company (in original and an authenticated translation in Romanian) 

→ a letter of intent with details about the purpose of the trip to Romania and the activities they intend to carry out on the Romanian territory (in original, together with an authenticated translation into Romanian)  

→ a document issued by the specialised institution of the competent central or local public administration, from the place of fiscal residence, certifying that, at the date of the visa application, the employee or the company they own has paid up to date the taxes, fees and other obligatory contributions, as well as that they are not registered with acts and deeds that have or had the effect of tax evasion and tax fraud (in original, an apostille or superlegalized document, together with an authenticated translation, in Romanian) 

→ the reservation of a travel ticket valid to the destination or, for drivers, the driving licence, the green card, the registration documents of the means of transport and the proof of the itinerary

→ proof of a medical insurance for the entire period of validity of the visa, for the territory of Romania, with a coverage amounting to at least 30,000 euros

→ proof of the means of maintenance obtained from the activity carried out, in the amount of at least three times the average gross monthly salary in Romania for each of the last 6 months prior to the date of filing the visa application, as well as for the entire visa period (currently it’s 1,100 euro x 3 = 3,300 euro)  

→ proof of ensuring the accommodation conditions

→ a criminal record certificate or other document with the same legal value, issued by the authorities of the country of origin and, if applicable, of the state where the person is a legal resident and in which they obtain income from the performance of the employment contract or from activities carried out by a company registered by them, by which to prove that there are no records of criminal nature (apostille or superlegalized, as the case may be, and translated in authentic form, in Romanian)  

→ if other documents are requested by the Romanian authorities, you need to provide those, as well. 

The first extension of the visa is granted for a period of 6 months. Subsequent extensions of the right of temporary residence may be granted if the person continues to meet the required conditions. 

For more information, updates and application forms, please check the Romanian authorities’ website. 

You can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa here.

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