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Romania, in top 3 countries for digital nomads in 2022

Are you looking for top countries for digital nomads in 2022?

Romania ranks as the third best country to live and work in 2022 according to a top created by Momondo. 

The company analysed 111 countries and used 22 factors divided into six categories. These categories are: travel accessibility, local prices, remote work, health and safety, social life, and weather. Romania has a final score of 92 out of 100 and ranks great in factors such as prices, internet speed, coworking spaces, social life, and low costs for long-term apartment rentals

Here is the detailed list for Romania: 

Flight accessibility (weekly flights): 239 
Hotel price (double room/nigh): 89 €
Car rental (per day): 38 €
Fuel (per litre): 1,25 € 

Local prices: 
Long-term rental (average, per month): 215 €
Short-term rental (per month): 80 €
Public transportation (2-way ticket): 0,52 € 
Food (per month): 137 €
Restaurant meal (average for 2 persons): 25 € 

Health & safety: 
Political stability & absence of violence: 63,68 
Air pollution: 15,06 
LGBT equality and legal rights: 74 
Traffic accidents: 10

Remote work: 
Internet speed (download): 66,06
Internet speed (upload): 46,19
Digital nomad visa: Yes
Coworking spaces (for 1.000 inhabitants): 0,47

Social life: 
English: 589
Cultural spaces (per 1.000 inhabitants): 19
Bars & clubs (per 1.000 inhabitants): 89

Rain (average mm per month): 51  
Temperature (average °C per month): 7

Moreover, the digital nomad visa has been approved and soon people will be able to apply. 

Not at all surprising is the fact that Portugal and Spain occupy the first and second place in this top. These have been hotspots for a while, especially with the increased popularity of the Canary Islands. Digital nomads who are interested in Portugal enjoy the lovely weather, a low cost of living and the digital nomad community that is growing. 

Momondo’s top 10 countries for remote work: 

1. Portugal
2. Spain
3. Romania
4. Mauritius
5. Japan 
6. Malta
7. Costa Rica
8. Panama
9. Czech Republic
10. Germany 

You can check the whole top countries for digital nomads in 2022 here

Source: Momondo

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