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Rents in Romania, among the most affordable across Europe (2022)

According to a recent study created by Deloitte, Romania ranks as one of best in affordability in rental housing prices across Europe.

The study includes statistics from 23 European countries and 68 individual cities.

Source: Deloitte

According to Deloitte Property Index 2022, Paris has been leading the pack with 29.10 EUR/sqm/month.

The average monthly rents of over 20 EUR/sqm were recorded in seven cities:

  • Oslo (26.6 EUR/sqm
  • London (25.1 EUR)
  • Amsterdam (22.5 EUR/sqm)
  • Trondheim (21.3 EUR/sqm)
  • Barcelona (21.3 EUR/ sqm)
  • Copenhagen (20.5 EUR)
  • Bergen (20.3 EUR/sqm)

Throughout central European countries, similarly to the last year, Warsaw is the most expensive city with a price tag of 17.9 EUR/sqm/month, followed by Bratislava (11.6 EUR/ sqm) and Prague (11.3 EUR/sqm).

On comparison, Budapest with 10.4 EUR/sqm is cheaper than smaller CEE cities of Polish Wroclaw (11.1 EUR/sqm) and Gdańsk (10.60 EUR/sqm).

On the opposite side of the scale, the lowest average rent price levels have repeatedly been noticed in Bulgaria, specifically in Burgas, where citizens could pay on average 2.90 EUR/sqm/ month, followed by Varna with 3.70 EUR/sqm/month and Sofia with 4.60 EUR/sqm/month.

Rents in Romania

Among the cities on this list there are 3 Romanian cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Brașov.

The most affordable out of them is Brașov, with an average of 6.60 EUR/sqm/ month, whereas in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, the average rent prince is 7.50 EUR/sqm/ month.

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Source: Deloitte Property Index 2022

Photo credit: Cristian Macovei