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Long-term rentals in Romania – where to search and how much they cost

So, you are searching for long-term rentals Romania? Whether you have decided to spend some time in Romania and are looking for accommodation or you are just browsing through and thinking of this option for your next destination, here is some useful information about long term rental in Romania. 

Depending on your lifestyle, you can also find houses for rent, but keep in mind that those are usually situated closer to the city limits or outside the cities. You can also find houses in great areas in the city, but those are harder to find and the price can be 2-3 times higher than for an apartment. 

Like in many other countries, the cities in Romania have neighbourhoods that are more popular or more posh, hence the prices will be higher. Also, in Bucharest, if the apartment is located near a subway station, you can expect to pay a little bit more due to the transportation convenience. 

Where to search for long term rentals in Romania


You are probably very used to Airbnb and if you enjoy using it, you’ll be happy to know that Airbnb is present and quite popular in Romania. You can find great accommodation, from small studios in the city center to penthouses and houses with large gardens. 

Imobiliare is probably the most popular platform for both renting and selling/buying an apartment. Here, you can also check how the price compares to the other offers. 


Similar to the previous option, Storia offers a great variety of rentals. When searching on the platform, you can also see the average price for a m2, how the apartment you are checking out compares to average and also the prices trend.  

La jumatate 

This is another option. You can also check out La jumatate and see what offers they have. 

If you still want more, there are other options, such as Titirez, Remax, Imoradar24, HomeZZ, Publi24 or Blitz. Also, keep in mind that when you start digging deep, you might find the same apartment on multiple platforms.   

Unfortunately, at the moment these websites don’t offer an English version, but once you translate the details, you can contact the person who placed the ad and most of them speak English. Otherwise, you can also work with a real estate agency to help you find the best place for you. 

Usually, the apartments are rented for a 1 year period, based on a signed contract and a (1-3 months) deposit. Also, if the ad is placed by a real estate agency, check their commission. In most cases, the owner of the apartment pays the commission, but others specify that the person who rents the apartment pays (too).  

When you rent an apartment, the rent only includes the apartment, without the additional bills for electricity, gas, water and internet, which you will need to pay separately. Ask your host how much the bills usually are and keep in mind that the sums could be higher during the winter months due to heating costs. 

There are also a few options for coliving. Such as Vine21 in Bucharest. 

For some cities, you can also find Facebook groups where people post their apartments for rent, in case you find this more suitable for you.  

Average apartment prices for a long-term lease in most popular cities in Romania 


  • Studio – 280 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –  430 euro/month 
  • 2 bedroom apt –  600 euro/month 

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Cluj – Napoca 

  • Studio – 300 de euro/month 
  • 1-bedroom apt –  430 euro/month 
  • 2 bedroom apt – 550 euro/month 

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  • Studio – 200 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –  330 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt – 380 euro/month 

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  • Studio –  250 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –  350 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt –  400 euro/month


  • Studio –  250 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –  380 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt –  500 euro/month


  • Studio –  200 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –   400 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt – 500 euro/month


  • Studio –  160 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –   250 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt – 320 euro/month


  • Studio –  200 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –   290 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt – 350 euro/month


  • Studio –  200 euro/month
  • 1-bedroom apt –   300 euro/month
  • 2 bedroom apt – 390 euro/month

You can also check this map to see the prices of different areas in these cities.      

*Prices update: Q2 2022