In 2014 I started my nomadic lifestyle and discovered the freedom of working remotely, traveling and meeting other like-minded people. For me, the community I became part of and the friends I made were an important part of this journey.

And because in the beginning I connected with people via dedicated Facebook groups, I decided to create one for my home country, Romania. It was meant for digital nomads who want to enjoy Romania and need to find out more about the country, but also as a way they could connect with people. This is how the Facebook group Digital Nomads in Romania was created. In the beginning, whenever I was in Bucharest, I actually met them in person, since there weren’t so many nomads. 

Years later, the number of digital nomads still grows. Partly due to the Covid restrictions that offered people the opportunity to realize they can work from anywhere, while companies became open to remote work. But also because the new generations are more open to trying a new lifestyle. 

This website was born as my way of putting together answers to the questions you might have about spending time in Romania as a digital nomad.   

The website is updated periodically, so if you want to read about a particular topic or want to connect, drop me a line